The Turmanidzes, the family of the healers have applied their ointment to patients in Georgia since the 11th century. According to Academician Niko Marr, the family was mentioned in historical records of the Georgian St. Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem, as well as other written sources. Some of the family member used to be the Court doctors. Close to the town of Baghdadi, western Georgia there is a family monastery and a church dating back to approximately 16th century. It was presented to the Turmanidzes as the Court’s acknowledgment of their medical skills. An inscription in the church mentions Giorgi and Gurandukht Turmanidzes. The Turmanidzes have widely used their skills in treating a number of famous patients. A legend relates that the Italian doctors desperately trying to save the leg of the wounded Giuseppe Garibaldi approached a Turmanidze family member, who healed him using his ointments and skills. In order to demonstrate his fitness, Garibaldi jumped on his galloping horse in front of his compatriots. The Italians still remember the Georgian healers and their miraculous ointment.

During the Russian-Turkish war of 1854-65, a Turmanidze, also the healer was awarded the III grade orders of St. Stanislav and St. Anna “with swards” by the Russian Czar to acknowledge the family ointment. Later, in the 30s of the 20th century, Malachia Turmanidze healed Marshal Klimentiy Voroshilov from furunculous during the latter’s vacation in Borjomi, a famous Georgian resort. In 1962, Georgian capital Tbilisi hosted an international basketball tournament. Mr. Boguslav Divish, the Czech sportsman was taken ill with Stevens-Johnson syndrome – skin necrosis. It was the fifth case of this rare disease in the USSR, with the four others fatal. The Check sportsman was treated by Giorgi Turmanidze. The two meter tall giant was terrible to look at: his entire body was suppurated, he was losing his hair and his nails were coming off. The athlete was close to death. Owing to the Turmanidze ointment, the Czech basketball player back on his feet. Mr. Boris Pokrovski, the renowned director of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre, suffering from furunculous was another famous person treated by the Turmanidzes. The previous treatment at the Kremlin hospital had been to no avail and he personally asked for doctor Turmanidze’s arrival in Moscow.

According to a long-standing tradition preserved to this day, the secret recipes of the three ointments have come down from father to a son. The copyright is now held by Mr. Zurab Turmanidze, the founder of “Turmanidze Plus “LTD, the grandson of Mr. Malachia Turmanidze. Combining the long-standing folk medicine methods and the present day medical accomplishments, the descendents of Mr. Malachia Turmanidze founded “Turmanidze Plus” LTD. In pharmacies there are now “Turmanidze + Anti-septic Ointment”, “Turmanidze + Ointment for Burns”, "Turmanidze + Hemorrhoids ointment" , “Turmanidze + Ointment for Children” , "Turmanidze + Unguentum pro decubitis" and our new product - "Turmanidze + Facial cream" - for dry and combination skin types, approved and registered by the Agency for Regulation of the Medical Activities of the Georgian Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs.

The biological and phytogenous Turmanidze ointments require a lot of care, respect and even fondness. It is applied for all kinds of burns and scalds, wounds and inflammations. They do not contain any chemical admixtures, so they have no side effects either allergic or toxic; they can be used by the diabetic patients, both children and adults, as well as pregnant women and infants. The centuries-old ointments are free of poisonous substances, heavy metals or carcinogens.



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